Yunnan. Climbing ancient tea trees. Old puer. УТВЕРДИТЬ

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In today's trip to Wenshan we will climb the millennial tea tree, taste several types of Gu Shu Cha, Kao Cha and Lao Cha and share our impressions on it. Also, we will talk about Chinese propaganda, Yunnan tea farming laws and "Food Safety Grades Notification" in Chinese restaurants.

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00:00:00 - On the way to the tea farmer.
00:03:15 - Chinese propaganda.
00:04:20 - Gu Shu Cha tasting.
00:13:38 - Climbing an old tea tree.
00:18:45 - About tea farming priorities in Yunnan.
00:20:04 - Kao Cha tasting.
00:22:42 - Lao Cha tasting.
00:29:24 - About Lao Cha and tea tastings.
00:32:43 - Border control in Yunnan.
00:36:10 - "Food Safety Grades Notification" in Chinese restaurants.

Written by Moychay blog
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