Franciszo Lopez meeting with the participants of Tropos 004 release

"Hyperlistening team" Мeeting with the participants of Tropos 004 release Franciszo Lopez, Barbara Elysson, German Popov, Evelina Domnich and Dmitry Gelfand.

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00:00:00 Introduction. Who is Francisco Lopez?
00:02:36 Francisco's Hyper rainforest piece. Mixing the sounds of nature and music
00:08:15 The importance of the sound quality
00:10:42 Extending the possibilities of vinyl in music
00:13:40 Sonic objects
00:17:53 The notion of hyperlistening
00:19:36 Quasi periodicity & Repeating sounds
00:25:43 OMFO's latest recordings
00:27:40 Tea and the sounds of nature
00:29:58 Emelina Domnich's work and contribution to the release project
00:34:20 Emelina's Hawaii project

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