Pepijn van den Nieuwendijk.The Time Traveler

In this episode, we are having a conversation with a Dutch artist Pepijn van den Nieuwendijk who makes wonderful artworks inspired by Asian culture and art. We speak about his interest to Asia, his inspiration, works and personal history.

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00:00:00 Introduction
00:00:36 The story of Pepijn van den Nieuwendijk
00:02:34 What attracted artist’s attention do traditional Chinese techniques
00:08:25 The origin of inspiration
00:09:28 What is the focus of Pepijn’s attention in art?
00:13:58 Some of Pepijn’s artworks
00:23:13 Why Asian culture and art seem the most interesting?
00:24:48 What was the artist’s biggest work?
00:25:55 What is Pepijn’s favorite work?
00:28:23 Why dodos attract Pepijn so much?
00:31:32 What Pepijn thinks about the reactions to his works?
00:32:53 Combining different art styles
00:34:30 What is the purpose of art?
00:35:08 Having a look at some of the sculptures
00:38:16 What is Pepijn’s work focused on?
00:43:03 A piece of advice for a beginning artist
00:47:25 Conclusion

Written by Moychay blog
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