Saskia Pfaeltzer: always curious about tomorrow!

In this episode, we are talking with Saskia Pfaeltzer, a Dutch artist. We have a conversation about her personal history, connection with tea, have a look at some works and talk about recycling and using new materials in art

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00:00:00 Introduction
00:00:36 How did Saskia start working with art
00:04:05 Saskia’s books on philosophy and history
00:09:42 What is the purpose of Saskia’s art?
00:10:45 How did Saskia get in touch with China?
00:14:13 What is the use of using other cultures’ experience?
00:17:17 What is the most important idea of Spinosa?
00:19:10 Working with Chinese workers and masters
00:20:12 Talking about the Chinese language
00:21:20 Saskia’s father interest in tea
00:24:08 Having a look at some of Saskia’s works
00:27:57 What is the new source of inspiration?
00:30:46 Looking at various art pieces
00:34:04 What is Saskia’s most remarkable exhibition experience?
00:35:34 Singing a Chinese song
00:37:38 Conclusion

Written by Moychay blog
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