Aged Tea (Lao Cha) from Fujian province. 福建老茶

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A small report from a secret place in Fujian. Collectible Tea? Definitely, yes.

Unique teas from this storage:

Lao Gongfu Hong Cha, 1985 (Aged red tea) - - Aged red tea "Mastery" was made in Fujian province in the distant 1985 and kept in stock of the famous Chinese Lao Cha collector.

Chuantong Zhen Shan Xiao Zhong (70-s of XX century), "Lapsang Souchong" - - "Xiao Zhong" is one of the oldest varieties of red tea. The technological peculiarity of the processing is withering and prolonged heating on pine tree coals, during this process the tea leaves are infused with resinous aroma which earned its first name "Lao Song Xiao Zhong", "Old Pine - Rare Grade". English transliteration is "Lapsang Souchong", so the English hear the Chinese "Lao Song Xiao Zhong". This tea became popular in Europe and this fact determined its export and the development of tea business. Popularity and demand, exceeding the small volume of production, led to a large number of similar products made in neighboring regions. To distinguish "the original" tea from Tongmu, the producers now call it "Zheng Shan Xiao Zhong", which means "Rare Grade from Right Mountains". "Chuantong" means "Traditional": baked on pine coals within 48 hours.

Yong Xi Huo Qing (Anhui), 1980 - - was manufactured in the distant 1980 in a special way and laid for long storage. When, as a result of exceptionally favorable weather conditions, farmers receive high-quality harvest, they lay some part of mao cha for long-term storage in sealed clay vessels. Once every few years, vessels are opened and tea is warmed up on charcoal. Green tea is not stored for a long time, unlike "Lao Cha", the shelf life of which is not limited. Such tea is always in demand as a remedy that removes the pathogenic cold from the body.

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