Green and red tea from Yongxi, Anhui Province. Yongxi Huo Qing.

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We are at a very special place called Yongxi village in Anhui province. We came here for the tea named Yongxi Houqing. Nowadays it is a very rare tea at tea markets. Also here is producing really good red tea. We've visited both manufactures. At the factories we have an opportunity to pass through the production process: first is the firing stage, which is the most difficult in production, then hung gan stage, where only firewood is used, and the last stage is insufflation. We were tasting red tea with no typical method and exploring new descriptions of the tea aromas and flavors. Kuding tea is also growing in Yongxi village, but the harvesting time is much earlier than in the other provinces. We had a little walk in the mountains at twilight time and it was the most beautiful time for us.

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