Moychay wood fired tea ceramics. Kilns unloading

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In this episode we will be opening our kiln and reviewing some of the pottery that we’ve made. It is a special occasion and we are happy to share this moment with you.

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00:00:00 Introduction
00:01:03 Having a look at our kilns
00:02:01 Opening the kilns and having a look at our teaware
00:04:02 Why all items are unique?
00:06:00 Our tea pets and figures
00:06:40 Another batch of teaware
00:08:38 Having a look at our sculptures
00:10:35 Why wood-fired pottery is more expensive?
00:12:06 Our miniature vases
00:13:24 Unloading the second kiln
00:15:09 Conclusion

Written by Moychay blog
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